IPSA Brand Logo

IPSA, originated from Latin word “ipse”.
It means independence and self-assuredness.
We believe in the vital force that an individual skin inherently possesses.
We take care of your skin in every tiny aspects.

This is what IPSA promises you.

Vital force

The vital force awakens

IPSA aims to reveal the possibilities of the force that an individual skin inherently possesses.

Only One

Looking at the individuality of your skin

Skin condition will change due to various factors such as its innate characteristics, environmental background, lifestyle habits, and seasonal changes.

Skin data

Measuring your skin

With IPSALYZER Skin Diagnosis, you can learn about your skin’s Moisture Retention, Sebum Secretion, Translucence and so forth.

Recipe for you

A recipe that makes you beautiful

With the latest skin data and counseling, we create a customized recipe for beauty you desire.


That is, your only beauty

Beginning from your skin, awakening from within.
Let your unique beauty shine.