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What's ME

IPSA believes that your skin in itself has the power to become beautiful and healthy (Vital Force). All types of skin bear different need. Metabolizer (ME) is developed with each formula tailor-made for each type of skin. In IPSA, we reveal the beauty that an individual skin inherently possesses.

Bring out the power of beauty

It's neither providing nor supplementing because the skin lacks something. Metabolizer(ME) utilizes the original power of the skin to bring out the beauty.


A healthy metabolism guarantees healthy and beautiful skin.Learn more about metabolism with IPSA, we bring out the natural beauty of your skin by helping you maintain well-functioning metabolism.

Learn about METABOLISM

17 different types to choose from according to the skin quality

The condition of skin differs according to the innate skin quality,
the environment you live, the living habits you have, the seasonal changes, etc.

IPSA has accumulated more than 10 million skin measurement data over the past 30 years since the founding. We categorize bare skin into 17 types, and develop ME formula fits to each types.

Find the tailored ME for your skin

Analyze your skin with IPSALYZER, measures the "moisture", "sebum", and other 8 categories of it, to help you choose the Metabolizer (ME) that is tailored for your skin.

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