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Barrier Serum

50g / HK$ 380

Its high-density water retention barrier effectively protects the skin from water loss, providing a long-lasting, smooth moisture for your skin.

Highly effective water retention barrier that seals moisture within the skin while replenish and restore the skin’s vitality.

  • Seal: The revolutionary, highly effective water retention barrier adheres to keratin cells that protects the skin from water loss.
  • Replenish: Contains various water-retaining and cosmetic essences that provide your skin with constant water supply.
  • Shield: Protect the skin from environmental damage, such as dryness. 


Key Ingredients

  • High Adhesion Barrier: Its high-density grid structure enhances the adhesion on the surface of the skin, providing a film-like sealing effect that prevents water loss from water contact, such as sweat, ensuring a long-lasting effect of the barrier.
  • Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF): A highly effective moisturizing ingredient that diffuses to keratin cells to provide a moist and smooth texture.
  • Origanum Majorana Leaf and Rubus Suavissimus Extract: Simulates the growth of hyaluronic acid to provide a moisturizing effect.
Barrier Serum
  1. Use the provided rod to acquire 1 cm (approx. 0.3 g) and apply evenly across the face.
  2. Apply at the last step of your skincare routine, and before sunscreen (if any)
  3. If you are using any frosty facial cream, apply the cream before using this product.

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