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Cleansing Cream EX

150g / HK$ 290

A creamy makeup remover with Vitamin E derivatives that removes makeup while protecting the skin.

Take it all off! Create radiant skin by letting it breathe

Our Makeup Remover line includes our revolutionary Shield Off Oil that penetrates deep into the skin, easily dissolving makeup and removing impurities concealed in the pores and fine lines of the skin. It also effectively hydrates skin, restoring its natural balance, and leaving it clean, but never tight.

Cleansing Cream EX

  • Formulated with Vitamin E derivatives -- massage into your skin to promote blood circulation
  • Creamy texture that cleans while protecting the skin
  • Gently removes makeup, leaving skin soft and radiant
  • Free from fragrance, colouring and alcohol. Dermatologically-tested.

Apply a cherry-sized amount across a dry face, starting from the cheeks and forehead, massaging gently into the skin. Rinse clean with water.

Do you know your skin well enough?