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Cleansing Fresh Foam

125g / HK$ 240

A facial foam that fights acne and cleans skin of excess sebum and corneocytes, leaving skin fresh and clean.

Reducing Oil & Acne

  • Produces a rich foam with clay ingredient that absorbs excess oil, removes dead corneocytes, keeps pores clear, fights acne, and smooths skin
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients to thoroughly remove impurities while locking in moisture, leaving skin fresh and clean, and supple
  • Suitable for oily skin

Key Ingredients

Clay: Removes excess sebum and dead skin, reducing clogged pores and resolving acne problems

L-Serine: Removes dead skin and cleanses the skin of natural impurities

Hyaluronic acid: Add needed hydration to the cleansed skin, bringing it to a natural balance

Chamomile Extract: Keeps bacteria away so skin stays clearer longer, also an effective anti-inflammatory, reducing acne lesions

Squeeze around 1 cm into moistened hands, then add water to form a rich lather. Massage onto a dampened face, then rinse clean.

Do you know your skin well enough?