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Clearup Lotion

150ml / HK$ 300

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Softens stratum corneum for faster skincare products absorption.

Softens corneocyte multi-layering for a smooth complexion

Mildly removes hardened and yellowish stratum corneum while preventing its multi-layering and formation for a smooth and translucent complexion.

  • Tackles corneocyte multi-layering problems of different skin types, removing excess sebum and dryness
  • Mildly removes dead skin cells and cleans clogged pores
  • The skin’s absorption is improved for more effective skincare products


Two formulae to tackle the causes of corneocyte multi-layering.

  • Clearup Lotion 1: Specifically made to tackle corneocyte multi-layering caused by excess sebum secretion, it adopts the sebum-dissolving soft micro ball technology to mildly soften and remove dead corneocytes while clearing the grease and dirt in pores. The sebum balance of the skin is maintained for a fresh feeling.
  • Clearup Lotion 2: Specifically made to tackle hardened corneocytes caused by dryness, it is designed with the grape seed oil formula that mildly softens and removes dead corneocytes while providing a moisturizing effect for a translucent complexion.

Key Ingredients

Sebum-dissolving soft micro ball technology: Absorbs and removes excess sebum, while softening the multi-layered corneocytes

Grape seed oil: Tackles dry skin, while softening the multi-layered corneocytes

Skin clear-up ingredients: Mildly removes excess corneocytes, dirt in pores and dirt on the skin through a cotton pad

AE Softening Complex: Softens corneocytes and sebum among skin cells, enhancing the penetration of other skincare products

Use morning and night after cleansing and before using other skincare products. Pour 2ml (about the size of a $1 coin) on the Silk Cotton, then smear lightly on the face. For Clearup Lotion 2, shake until the oil and water mixed well before use.

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