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Control Powder SPF15 PA++

8.5g / HK$ 260

The powder’s four shades respond to changing light, instantly correcting dull skin for a radiant, near-transparent appearance.

Combat Dry, Dull Foundation with kick of 4 Color-correcting Shades

Our smoothly-textured Control Powder uses our unique visual techniques with a combination of blue, yellow, pink, and red shades to correct light reflecting off the skin for a more transparent appearance.

  • Formulated with a high ratio of blue powder to instantly correct dull skin caused by low hydration for a natural makeup look appearance
  • Our new Tight Oil Coating technology instantly combats dull, uneven skin caused by excessive oil production in dry skin
  • Use with makeup for an immediate kick of radiance


Swipe a brush or puff across the powder in a full circle and apply using a to the entire face for full coverage.

Customize Your Natural Skin Base