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Designing Eye Shades

18 shades / 1.8g / HK$ 180

18 colors of brownish eyeshadows and 3 different degrees of shininess, it blends perfectly into your skin tone, creating a three-dimensional eye makeup.

Brownish, three-dimensional eye makeup

The all-new, 18-color Designing Eye Shades help the eyeshadow blend perfectly into different skin tones with each of its brownish color. Use with the 4-color Eye Reshaper to create 72 different combinations of three-dimensional, brownish makeup.

  • Translucent Powder: Reflect the translucent gloss reminiscent of a glass.
  • Gradation Shading Powder: Blend the eyeshadow into the skin tone, creating a high-contrast highlight effect to make the eye contour stand out.
  • Fine vivid pigment: A clear and vivid color powder that make the eye contour more three-dimensional, enhancing the color intensity of the eye makeup.

Designing Eye Shades

Use with the 4-color Eye Reshaper to create a long-lasting eye makeup that improves puffy, deep set eyes, while the 72 different combinations allows the perfect blend into the skin for a natural, three-dimensional finish.

  1. Use your finger tip to apply the Eye Reshaper evenly across the eyelid to adjust the eyes’ contour.
  2. Use Tip & Tip L or Shadow & Liner Brush to acquire an adequate amount of eyeshadow and apply on the eyes.

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