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Designing Face Color Palette (Limited Edition)

6.8g / HK$ 430

A four-in- one color palette to upgrade your blush game; use the different shades for highlighting, contouring, and perfecting with a translucent finish.

Express Your Uniqueness Through Both Fashion and Makeup

Inspired by the rider’s jacket that deeply reflects the wearer’s character, created by the fashion brand “beautiful people” which proposes an original theory about expressions of individuality, IPSA releases the limited Designing Face Color Palette Rider’s Jacket Collection.

This product features a black balm-type cheek color that colors in different shades of red according to each skin’s moisture level. When layered with other cheek colors, this black cheek color brings out a unique complexion and creates a definite look full of vitality. This limited Rider’s Jacket Collection allows you to express your uniqueness through both fashion and makeup. 



The Face Color Designing Palette combines cheek color, highlighter, shading, and perfecting powder to contour your cheeks with an even, sculpted finish. Our Permeable Color Development Technology combines light and shadow to adjust the reflection of light, giving a strong appearance of flawless, translucent skin.

This limited collaboration design for IPSA inspired by beautiful people also includes a brush and shopping bag.



  1. Apply to your cheek bone’s smile point, where a line from the tip of your nose and a line from the outer corner of your eye visually intersect
  2. Brush evenly upwards along the cheekbone


  1. Apply along the forehead and T-zone
  2. Apply beneath the outer eyebrow
  3. Apply below the lower lashline
  4. Apply above the lips, from peak to outer points


  1. Apply along the apples of the cheeks
  2. Apply along the edges of the lips


  1. Apply along the cheekbone from the ear to the chip in a zigzag motion
  2. Apply along the jawline from the chin to ear, to create a lifting effect
  3. Create soft shadows by applying to the neck
  4. Apply to the inner lower brow

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