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Eyebrow Creative Palette

3.3g / HK$ 300

Five shades and four brushes in a single compact for a fully personalised eyebrow look.

5 Unique Shades to Create Eyebrows that Pop

Eyebrow Creative Palette includes five shades: three shades that best suit to the range of East Asian eyebrow shades, and our unique orange and red shades to contour, shape, and perfectly match your hair color for unique, three-dimensional brows.

  • Water-proof, sweat-proof, long-lasting color
  • Paired with four professional brow brushes (short angled brush, long angled brush, tapered shadow brush, round shadow brush) to sculpt any look to perfection


1. Soft, natural brows

Use the short angled brow brush to apply the natural brown shade (A) across 2/3s of the brows starting from the inner corner, then blend for a natural effect.

2. Youthful brows

Use the long angled brow brush to apply the dark brown shade (B) across the entire brow, then blend and shape to a clear, beautiful line.

3. 3D effect

Use the tapered shadow brush to apply the light brown shade (C) along the lower line of the brow for a three-dimensional pop of color.

4. Color matching

Use the round shadow brush to apply the orange (D) and/or red (E) shades to the brow to perfectly match your unique hair color.


Customize Your Unique Beauty