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Eyebrow Liquid Liner

3 shades / 0.5ml / HK$ 140

  • 01 BEBR
  • 02 BR
  • 03 GY

Create your defined eyebrow outline.

Create Natural Hair Stroke Eyebrows in 3 Steps

The all-new Creative Eyebrow Elements - featuring the Eyebrow Liquid Liner, Eyebrow Pencil and Eyebrow Mascara - allows you to easily create a defined, natural hair stroke eyebrow in just 3 steps.


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Step 1: Draw an outline of the eyebrows to create a natural thick base

Draw an overall outline of the eyebrow with strokes to create a smooth base layer, filling the space between each brow hair to enhance its density.

  • The all-new color luster ingredient creates a natural eyebrow shade.
  • The color fusion ingredient enhances the color of the eyebrows and creates a defined eyebrow outline.
  • The liquid texture gives a clearer and brighter color with a long-lasting effect.
  1. Remove excess foundation or oil. Then draw evenly on the eyebrows.
  2. As the color is thin and sheer, it should be drawn stroke by stroke to create an eyebrow shade.

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