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Eyebrow Mascara

4 shades / 2.2g / HK$ 220

  • 02 PKBE
  • 03 BR
  • 04 CL

Create a defined, long-lasting eyebrow outline with an even color and texture.

Create Natural Hair Stroke Eyebrows in 3 Steps

The all-new Creative Eyebrow Elements - featuring the Eyebrow Liquid LinerEyebrow Pencil and Eyebrow Mascara - allows you to easily create a defined, natural hair stroke eyebrow in just 3 steps.


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Step 3: Create a more defined eyebrow outline

Creating an even color and texture, its unique cubic spiral brush head allows easy control for drawing from multiple angles, while preventing caking, over-thickness and from touching the skin to give a tidy finish. The high-durability formula also prevents the eyebrow makeup from wearing.


Eyebrow Mascara (Color Type)

  • The all-new color blending ingredient enhances the adhesiveness of the color for a more defined outline.
  • The unique cubic brush design allows easy application for a natural effect.
  • Gives the eyebrows a color and texture boost.

Eyebrow Mascara (Clear Type)

  • The new eyebrow growth repair formula maintains and evenly adjusts the natural growth direction of brow hair.
  • The unique brush gives the eyebrow hair a tidy finish.
  • The transparent color can be applied among the fiber brush hair to fix the eyebrows, while easily shaping from the root.
  1. Apply Eyebrow Mascara in the center of the brush, and sweep in the opposite direction of the eyebrow growth
  2. Then, sweep upward along the eyebrow growth direction apply the color evenly
  3. For brow tails and small area, use the corner of the brush to sweep the eyebrow hair one by one

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