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Lash Modeling Mascara

6g / HK$ 270

Shape your lashes naturally long, thick, and curly with this waterproof and oil-proof mascara.

Long-lasting Water-proof Mascara that Coats Lashes Root to Tip All Day Long

Lash Modeling Mascara is designed to address problems common in East Asian lashes such as downward-growing lashes, creating thick roots tapering to an exquisite, gentle tip curling upwards.

  • Wand sculpted to suit the curves of East Asian eyes for full coverage
  • Long Stretch Polymer EX naturally extends and thickens the lashes, adhering evenly from root to tip
  • Curl Keeping Wax naturally moulds the lashes into shape, magnifying the eyes
  • Long-lasting water-proof and oil-proof formula reduces the chances of running and smudges


Apply starting from the base of the lashes and slowly drawing forward, evenly coating the entire surface of the lash.

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