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Lash Retoucher

5g / HK$ 240

Mascara and primer in one! Conditions, repairs and shapes your lashes in a single sweep for beautiful lashes that brighten your eyes.

Say Goodbye to Tired Lashes

Lash Retoucher is specially formulated to combat saggy, dull, and discolored lashes caused by humidity and the passage of time, making your lashes fuller, beautifully dark, and defined.

  • Advanced Last Styling complex creates a triple curling effect, creating a gentle curl from the base, centre, and continuing through the tip
  • Incorporates hints of deep blue particles giving lashes a thicker, brighter appearance
  • Unique mascara wand engineered to match the shape of East Asian eyes, making it easier to apply evenly to lashes from root to tip


  1. Gently apply to the lashes starting from the root and working to tip for bright, beautifully curled lashes. 
  2. Use as a primer or as on its own.

Customize Your Unique Beauty