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Luminizing Body Clay

200g / HK$ 250

Like a “magnet”, this body scrub can attract the whiteheads inside the pores while eliminating dead cells for a total polishing, leaving skin hydrated and translucent.

A comprehensive body scrub that attracts whiteheads inside the pores for a refined, smooth skin.



Key Ingredients

Minus Clay: Improves skin roughness by attracting the whiteheads and impurities deep inside the pores like a magnet without rubbing the skin.

Black Scrub and spherical scrub and Sea mud: Remove excess dead cells and sebum on the skin surface to soften even the roughest epidermis.

Acetylated hyaluronic acid: Maintains a nourished, plumped skin.

Vitamin E derivatives and ginseng extract: Boost metabolism and blood circulation to restore skin’s radiance and translucency.

Use alone: Take a suitable amount of the clay in the palm of your hand, and apply along the arms, back and any body parts with roughness. Massage in circular motions and rinse thoroughly with water. Use once or twice a week.

Use with body cleanser: Mix the clay with your body cleanser to delicately polish the whole body. Skin is re-texturized with dewiness and smoothness.



Limited Offer

HK$910 (價值HK$1,156)

生肌水源素 200ml
明淨亮肌身體磨砂 200g
明淨亮肌磨砂面膜 100g
潔面旅行裝 50g
IPSA x Mickco 限量版多用途户外地墊

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