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Pore Skincare Steps

Balm 20g ; Lotion 6ml / HK$ 280

Softens and removes blackheads, while preventing the growth of keratotic plugs for less noticeable pores.

Remove blackheads and keratotic plugs while shrinking pores

  • Removes aged skin cells, grease and blackheads in 14 days
  • Prevents formation of keratotic plugs
  • Shrinks pores

Key Ingredients

  • Dissolves the grease of the blackheads for a complete removal
  • Formulated with smoothing treatment ingredients that prevent corneocyte multi-layering and inhibit acne formation
  • Contains dipeptide-15 that help shrinking pores
  • Minimizes large pores for a more delicate skin

STEP 1: Balm

Use the provided plastic rod to acquire a moderate amount (size of a pearl for nose application) and apply on a cleaned and dried face. Use your fingers to apply on your nose or the entire T-zone, massage and circle for 1 minute then rinse.

STEP 2: Lotion

After applying the balm or cleansing the face, use the fluff brush to acquire the lotion and apply to areas of concern (2 times the brush for nose application), then smear evenly with your fingers.


Hide your pores in 14 days

Apply the Balm 1-2 times per week and the Lotion for 14 consecutive days to reduce blackheads and keratotic plugs. Subsequently apply both 1-2 times per week.

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