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Powder Foundation N SPF25 PA++

6 shades / 8g / HK$ 340 (case & brush sold separately)

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The dual-shade design allows base makeup, touch-up, finishing and shading all in one box.

An All-in-One Foundation Powder for Airy Soft Skin

Powder Foundation N features a dual-shade design that allows you to apply base makeup, touch-up, finishing and shading all in one box. Its unique airy layer texture provides your skin with a light yet long-lasting texture for a translucent airy soft finish.


  • Airy soft texture: Light and airy powder that is comfortable to wear and covers pores softly without clogging.
  • Dual-shade for the perfect color: Its dual-shade design allows you to blend the perfect color for your skin, whereas the Low Light Powder in the dark tone shade enables a more detailed outline for a softer finish
  • Moisturizing ingredients: Formulated with hyaluronic acid complex, it provides the skin with long-lasting hydration while preventing the base from falling and wearing off.


The Secret to Enhancing Translucency

The octagonal airy powder allows light refraction at multiple angles, creating a light, translucent finish.

2 Steps to Create a Detailed, Translucent Makeup

  • Daily makeup: Use the makeup brush to acquire a moderate amount of “1 Main Color”, and brush from the center of the face outwards. Then, acquire a moderate amount of “2 Dark Color” to create shading for a detailed face line.
  • Customize your perfect base makeup: Mix and blend the perfect base makeup color for your skin.
  • Use the Brush (Powder Foundation N) to create a soft and translucent finish, or use the Sponge (Powder Foundation N) for the perfect concealing effect.

Regain Your Natural Skin