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Serum 0

50ml / HK$ 700

Reset your skin to “zero” like refreshingly clear and dewy bare skin by repairing the damaged vessels to help eliminate inner skin toxins

Reset to “Zero”,  Refreshen Your Skin to Clear and Dewy Bare Skin

With the newly contained 0 Complex, SERUM 0 helps to create a pleasant flow of fluid in the skin whose discharging function of extra protein and water has been deteriorated by UV rays and aging, and tighten the face line and cheek area to make your skin “zero bare skin” with a clean and pure complexion.


0 Complex Key Ingredients:

  • Starfruit extract: Repairs the damaged vessels to help eliminate extra proteins and water
  • Houttuynia cordata extract: Eliminates salt and water to improve swelling
  • Camellia sinensis leaf extract: Anti-inflammatory, improves metabolic cycle to create a clear and clean skin impression

0 - Method 

Unique method to create a pleasant flow of fluid and tighten the face line and cheek area effectively.

Usage: Dispense three pumps of the serum onto your palm and apply over your entire face with your fingertips


1. Tighten shape

Hold the chin with the thumb and forefinger. Apply pressure with the thumb and drag along the face line to under the ear. (Repeat 3 times)


2. Pushing up

Form a fist and place below the cheekbone right beside the nostrils. Apply pressure by pushing up the fist toward the cheekbone and then to the front of the ear. (Repeat 3 times)


3. Lymph push

Hold the lymph node in front of the ear with the middle finger, and then behind the ear. Move down the side of the neck to the lymph node in the collarbone. (Once)


Do you know accumulation status of extra protein and water?