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Seven Day Concentrate

28 vials / HK$ 1650

Ultra-concentrated Metabolizer essence that penetrates quickly through the skin. Immediately restores the skin in just seven days, accelerating cellular regeneration by six times. Leaves your skin moist and firm with a near-translucent appearance.

Get 42 Days of Care in just A Week of Concentrated Treatment

Our Seven Day Concentrate is a rich, concentrated distillation of the Metabolizer that rejuvenates the skin, leaving it hydrated, soft, and supple. View the full ME series

  • Each vial contains a concentrated formula six times as powerful as the standard Metabolizer
  • Formulated with the AE complex, a unique component that increases permeability, to deliver the potent MEC Complex and MP Complex deep into the skin for the most effective results
  • Instant restoration of the skin after seven days of continuous use, achieving seven main effects:
    1. Cellular regeneration
    2. Restores healthy cellular metabolism cycle
    3. Lifts and firms skin
    4. Repairs rough patches leaving smooth skin behind
    5. Removes hyperpigmentation
    6. Skin is rich in moisture
    7. Visible signs of ageing delayed
  • Each box contains 28 vials (4 courses)

Key Ingredients

MEC Complex: Natural plant extracts and moisturisers strengthen the skin and increase cellular metabolism, heightening their ability to regenerate

MP Complex: Urnula extract, MPC complex, Yeast extract, L-serine, and Saxifraga extract moisturise, tighten, reverse pigmentation, restore the outer layers of the skin, increase the appearance of transparency, and stop outside factors from influencing natural metabolism cycles

AE complex: Increases permeability of the skin so other components can penetrate deep into the skin

Apply at morning and night. 

After cleansing, apply half a vial of essence (approx. the size of a HKD 50 cent coin) into five areas of your face: the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Slowly spread across your face, starting from the nose and working your way around. 

Once fully covered, sweep your hands across your face to activate the skin cells and restore moisture and resilience.

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