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Super Mat Concealer

15g / HK$ 220

Conceals and repairs all in one. Instantly smoothes pores and blemishes, absorbs excess oil, and balances skin.

Instantly Smooths Skin, Shrinks Pores, & Keeps You Shine-free All Day Long

Super Mat Concealer uses revolutionary oil-controlling and repair technology to conceal and treat skin for a beautifully fresh matte appearance.

  • Pore Flat Paste / Pore Flat Powder instantly smooth uneven skin
  • Scutellaria extract absorbs and mitigates oil, and balances skin while concealing blemishes
  • Matte Keep Powder absorbs excess oil
  • Innovative optical technology scatters light across pores in the cheeks and T-zone areas, and evens skin texture for a long-lasting smooth look

【Before applying makeup】Apply directly to areas with visible pores or to problematic areas prone to excess oil such as the T-zone, and gently massage into the skin in a circular motion. To reapply, apply directly to problematic areas then pat in until fully absorbed.

【After applying makeup】Apply directly to oily areas, or mix with foundation and then apply, then cover lightly with powder.

Customize Your Natural Skin Base