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Targeted Effects Advanced G

23g / HK$ 880

Medicated cream that reduce winkles in both offensive and defensive approach.

Reduce Wrinkles Efficiently with Our Medicated Cream

Targeted Effects Advanced G has acheived a breakthrough in anti-aging with 2 hero ingredients, Pure Retinol and Deep G Target Components. It provides not only an offensive approach to reduce wrinkles being formed fundamentally but also a defensive approach to help the skin function in its innate healthy condition at the same time.

Key Ingredients

  • Pure Retinol: Medicated active ingredient for wrinkle reduction, generating hyaluronic acid and boosting the amount of moisture, thereby leading the skin soft and enhancing collagen density in the dermis to reduce wrinkles
  • Deep G Target Componen: Filling the skin with moisture, thereby supporting its innate healthy function
  1. Apply twice daily at the last step of skincare routine.
  2. Take an amount the size of a small pearl, and softly apply it on areas with wrinkles such as around the eyes and the mouth as the last step of the skincare routine every morning and evening.
  3. When using it in the morning, use cosmetics with UV rays protection effect afterward, in order to protect the retinol effect.

Notice for using products that include retinol

  • For first time use or for sensitive skin, gradually increasing the frequency of use: for example, use every 2 or 3 days only  at night, for the first 2 weeks; then use every night for the next 2 weeks, etc.
  • When using other products that include retinol, avoid using multiple products at one time and use one at a time carefully watching your skin condition.
  • Please use correctly following the instructions for the frequency and amount of use.

Do you know your skin well enough?