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Targeted Effects Advanced S

30g / HK$ 730

Aging care cream that improves sagging skin and large pores, lifting your face with elastic firmness and sharp contours.

Lifting your face with elastic firmness and sharp contours

Formulated with the Deep S target components that lifts the skin and strengthen collagen cells, it improves sagging skin and large pores while enriching the skin’s firmness. Its all-new Penetrating Shape-memory Moisturizing Technology allows the skin to be moisturized all day long, where the strengthened memory of the skin base provides a detailed outline.

Key Ingredients

Penetrating Shape-memory Moisturizing Technology: Lift the skin from deep within to retain its optimal firmness. 

Pinus sylvestris: An essence carefully selected from 200 plants to improve sagging skin, restoring its youthful firmness.

Deep S target components: Lifts and improves sagging skin from deep within to restore its youthful firmness.

Beech bud extract & Coix seed extract: Improves dermis and collagen proliferation that promotes collagen synthesis and strengthens collagen fiber cells, boosting the skin’s firmness while tackling dermal degeneration.

Face massage, retain lifted & tightened skin in 10s

Baisc step

Apply twice daily after putting on lotion. Use the provided spoon to acquire an adequate amount (approx. 0.3g) on the palm, then press lightly across the entire face.

Do you know your skin well enough?