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The Time Reset Day Essence Stick

9.5g / HK$ 270

Containing approx. 65% moisturizing essence, instantly moisturizing skin with no stickiness.


  • Highly effective in moisturizing skin, it helps to keep the skin smooth by moisturizing the dried, shrunken stratum corneum. 
  • Containing approx. 65% moisturizing essence that instantly moisturize skin with no stickiness.
  • Smoothen and tighten skin with watery day-time barrier.
  • Apply over your makeup to help it smoothly spread and adhere to the skin, restoring its sparkling glow. 

Key Ingredients

Natural Trehalose: Helps repair and inhibit the stratum corneum to keep the skin smooth and moisturized.

Rubus Suavissimus Extract: Inhibits the decomposition of hyaluronic acid to provide a water-locking ability. 

Double Barrier Actor II & Unevenness Correction Oil: Forms a daytime protection barrier for that boosts water replenishment and corrects uneven skin texture to give a smooth and glowing makeup effect.

  • Clear excess sebum and sweat. Twist an adequate amount of the stick and apply directly on dry areas. Then tap lightly with fingers for faster absorption.
  • Acquire an adequate amount on the fingertips and apply directly on dry areas on the face.
  • For use when reapplying makeup, then follow up with Powder Foundation or Control Powder.

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