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The Time Reset Eye Essence

20g / HK$ 420

Gentle eyecare that promotes circulation to combat undereye puffiness and dark circles.

Intensive Repair for Baby-soft Skin

The Time Reset series is a line of intensive skin repair products to turn back the clock and restore to the suppleness of its youth. Suitable for all ages and skintypes. View the full The Time Reset series

The Time Reset Eye Essence:

  • Targets the two most prevalent undereye issues amongst Asian women, to prevent dark undereye circles and bring out the natural contours of your eyes and restore their natural lustre
  • Double Barrier Actor creates a flexible surface on the skin to hydrate while locking in moisture, leaving the skin supple
  • Formulated with highly moisturizing marine collagen that prevents eyebags caused by melanin pigmentation
  • Paired with exclusive resin massage pen engineered with Vitamin E derivatives to promote circulation so you can say goodbye to dark, puffy eyes

Key Ingredients

  • Marine collagen: Highly moisturizing, with components that resemble the skin’s collagen
  • Vitamin C derivative: Brightener; evens colouring and combats melanin production
  • Vitamin E derivative: Promotes circulation to prevents stagnation of the blood
  • Fish mint Extract: Anti-inflammatory to combat swelling; promotes water metabolism
  1. Gently apply a small, pearl-sized amount (approx. 0.2 g) around the eye area. 
  2. Gently massage the flat side of the massage pen along the top of the eye from the brow outwards (three times each side). Follow by pressing into the temple (once per side). 
  3. Gently massage the flat side of the massage pen along the bottom of the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner (six times each side). 

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