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Water Massage

75g / HK$ 390

Targeted to address problems deep in the skin, Water Massage releases a burst of moisturising molecules and increases circulation, leaving your skin looking near transparent and letting your natural rosy radiance shine through.

Penetrates Deep Within to Rejuvenate Tired Muscles

  • Turns into a rich watery essence as you massage the cream into the skin, bringing nourishing moisture and stimulating circulation
  • Innovative emulsion formula drives active ingredients into the capillaries
  • No clean-up required – massage into a moisturising watery essence then pat into skin for quick absorption
  • Restores the skin’s natural rosy glow

Key Ingredients

Glucosyl hesperidin: Increases circulation, fortifies capillaries, and fights jaundiced rough skin

Raspberry Extract: Increases circulation of nutrients and oxygen and eliminates toxins for healthy skin

Chestnut rose Extract: Constrains damage to cellular membrane lipids by free radicals and helps skin fight damage from external factors

Erythritol: Locks in water to prevent moisture loss

Ginseng Extract: Activates the skin, revitalizes cells

Apply two scoops to across a cleansed face and gently massage into the skin for one minute. As the cream turns into a watery essence, pat into the skin to encourage absorption deep into the skin. 

【Simple massage method】

  1. Massage across the chin three times
  2. Three times across the cheeks
  3. Three large circles around the eyes and across the forehead
  4. Finally, gently sweep from the centre of the cheek to the outside to calm the skin
  5. Follow by patting the skin lightly to help the essence penetrate. No follow-up cleansing required.

Do you know your skin well enough?