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White Process Essence OP W

50ml / HK$ 820

Inhibits and tackles melanin formations, while improving blood color and preventing etiolation of collagen, which is restored with clear, brightening and translucent effect.

Targets Melanin to Restores the Skin’s Original Translucency

The all-new White Process Essence OP W targets the major elements that prevent your skin from shining through – inhibiting the accumulation and formation of melanin – to improve your skin’s translucency with even melanin distribution. With a moist and light texture, the essence is quickly absorbed to the skin, restoring your translucent, white skin. View the full White Process series

White Process Essence OP W

Improved formula to provide 5 brightening effects:

  • Inhibits melanin formation
  • Prevents melanin accumulation
  • Improves blood color
  • Prevents etiolation of collagen
  • Improves the skin’s translucency


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Key Ingredients

Newly Patented DM Optimizer: Helps stimulate cell division and targets cells that contain melanin and promote melanin excretion, making even distribution of melanin on the skin.

Upgraded JM Complex III: Enhances the translucency of stratum corneum and the skin’s oxygen level, providing a brightening environment for the skin.

Active Brightening Ingredient 4MSK: Inhibits melanin formation.

Curcuma longa (turmeric) rhizome extract, vitamin C and concentrated glycerin

White Process Essence OP W

Apply after toner and before essence. Acquire 2/3 of the pump, then massage the entire face until fully absorbed.

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