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White Process Mask

18ml (6pcs) / HK$ 420

A sheet mask infused with 18 ml of brightening essence that prevents dark spots and freckles and instantly brightens skin.


The White Process series is aimed to obstruct the saccharification of collagen and target discoloration and dullness deep within the skin to create clear, beautiful bright skin. View the full White Process series

White Process Mask:

  • Saturated with brightening essence that penetrates deep into the skin to combat pigmentation and stubborn spots
  • Densely woven mask that feels silky smooth on the skin
  • New design includes incisions around the nose and chin to contour to your face for increased effectiveness and comfort
  • Pair with White Process Essence EX W for increased effect

Key Ingredients

4MSK: Inhibits the formulation of melanin

Peony Extract: Removes dead corneocytes

Acetylated hyaluronic acid (AHA): Extremely hydrating agent that penetrates deep into the skin

Glycyrrhizic acid: Anti-inflammatory agent

Apply to a freshly cleaned face and leave for ten minutes. Remove the mask and massage the essence into the skin using both hands for even coverage. Use 1-2 times weekly to maintain bright, translucent skin.

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