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Frequently Asked Questions

IPSALYZER can examine your skin in 10 categories, including: Skin Balance, Original Skin Tone Contrast, Translucency, Transparency, Facial Texture Comparison, Moisture Retention Capability, Sebum SecretionFirmness and Elasticity Test, Keratin Metabolism and Rosiness.

The result will be more accurate as a reference after removing the makeup. IPSALYZER is capable to analyze the skin’s condition through its texture that the makeup will affect the accuracy of the result. What the analysis is complete, our cosmetic consultants will try out the best products for you, while providing a touch up to let you experience our products.

As the skin’s condition changes with various environmental and internal factors, such as climate change, stress or living habit, we highly recommend that you undergo the IPSALYZER skin diagnosis regularly, especially before the change of climate and skincare/makeup products, to make sure the products you used can satisfy your skin’s needs.

When choosing the most suitable skincare or makeup products, in addition to the IPSALYZER diagnosis result, our cosmetic consultants will also take consideration of your living habit, your standard towards your skin or makeup, the habit and procedure of using skincare or makeup products, and your preferred texture in order to choose the best products for you.

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